Terrance Hutchinson is the owner of Best Lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition. He has been providing health and fitness instruction over the last 9 years throughout the Georgia, Carolinas, Florida, and New York AND L.A. area. He also has online fitness programs with clients in Germany and Australia.  Terrance is a Certified Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, Certified Corporate Consultant, Certified Exercise Therapist, and The Author of the books, 150 Recipes to Transform Your Body and 25 Irritable Dessert That You can Indulge Cook Books. He is in the making of his 3rd book, “How I Survived TYPE 2 Diabetes”. Terrance IS the Host of HIS NEW show, The Total Wellness Show with Terrance on 108PRAISE RADIO and a Motivational Speaker.

Terrance is the contributing heath and wellness contributor writer for ELEV8 Magazine, Kontrol Magazine, Bold Ageless Beauty Magazine, My time Magazine and Impact Atlanta Magazine.  He’s been nominated for the 2017 Rice Awards for Health and Wellness, Nominated for Atlanta Hottest Author, Model, and Online Radio Personality. Nominated for Best Self Magazine’s Best Personal Trainer in Atlanta for 2017. Cover Model for Bold Ageless Beauty Magazine’s Fall Issue. Nominated for Bonheur Magazine’s TOP 10 Bachelor in Atlanta for 2017.  Furthermore, Terrance has lead in- services, consultations and diabetic classes to local hospitals, Corporate Wellness programs around the Atlanta area on exercise fundamentals and proper nutrition for a healthier lifestyle makeover.  He is an active advocate for promoting disease prevention, promoting proper nutrition, purposeful physical exercising, and corporate wellness strategies in the workplace.

He truly believes that with education, diligence, dedication, commitment, and the motivational coaching, everyone can live the dream of achieving the body and health of their dreams.



Atlanta based artist Marcus Terrell Davis better know as “Marcus Markeyzz” was a born in Meridian Mississippi on May 23, 1981 and wanted to make music since he was 5 years of age. Talent was not always easy for him as a child but that didn’t stop Markeyzz from pursuing his dream. Markeyzz has been heavily pursing his career for 14 years since opening up for comedian “Steve Brown” in Tuscaloosa, AL. He has gone on to perform in amazing places such as Jamaica and Canada while still writing songs such as Rockin @ Rollin which is currently playing on 95.1 “The Beat” in Meridian, Ms. Markeyzz sound is considered R&B and Pop which gives him a totally original and unique spin to the music being played today.




Jason Turner is a motivational speaker who gained inspiration from his grandfather, a pastor with over ten children. His grandfather reached out to his church and children in ministry. Turner followed his beloved grandfather’s footsteps by creating an atmosphere where youth can share their experiences in a safe and borderless environment. His favorite flower is a purple calla lily and his favorite color is navy blue. He loves dressing professional yet urban and proclaims vans as his favorite shoe. “I have a pair in every color,” he told us proudly.

Contact: 770-407-9613


“My father would sit with me at night, and talk about how he wanted me to own my own businesses, and be an entrepreneur.” London said.

London’s father suffered a heart attack and died in 1994, while attempting to open a McDonald’s franchise in Maryland. London a man who has deep admiration for his family and others, was inspired a lot by his father’s drive as a business owner.


London, unlike many successful restaurant groups doesn’t have a team of investors, instead he has single-handedly etched his name into the Southern Cuisine dining experience. Currently, is consulting with the same architects who designed DC favorites like Central, Oya, and Ceiba just to name a few for the design of his new restaurant/lounge concepts he’ll be bringing to H Street. On a holiday weekend at The Carolina Kitchen, between his current two locations, Mr. London can seat between 4,500-6,000 patrons. The Carolina Kitchen offers a little more than soul food, it offers Southern Cuisine on well plated food in a tastefully designed atmosphere. Diners are fed not only with great food, but with great visuals and presentation.

When Mr. London’s not working hands-on with the restaurant, he is highly sought after as a motivational speaker and often is giving direction to fledgling business owners and entrepreneurs across the nation. His staff of almost 300 benefit from his guidance and inspiration for them to continue to grow and pursue their dreams. Mr. London said, “I am who I am because of the great people I have working for me, and I’ll continue to support their dreams and goals in life.”