Many times what we see as our biggest regrets, failures and mistakes become what the Universe uses the most in our lives. The Universe is able to transform our brokenness into something more beautiful than we can even imagine. It takes our mess and creates a masterpiece. You see, broken crayons still color.

Welcome Readers! My name is Amy McNish, I am the Editor-in-Chief of this lovely publication. Live In Color Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine which offers a colorful perspective of fashion and creative design; while emphasizing the colorful lifestyle of the everyday entrepreneur. As well as, focusing on the bright and bold fashion editorials that will inspire the paths of so many men and women; influencing them on how to dress and ‘Live In Color’

My goal is to help individuals and organizations to harness the profound psychological influence of color on the human responses and behaviors. There is no doubt that the colors you wear will have a powerful effect on how you feel and crucially how others respond to you.

I want to inspire you to dress in color! If you wear colors that don’t suit your own unique personality, style and physical coloring, it could have a very negative effect on your mood and on those around you. Choose the right colors for you and they can give you more energy, help you to feel happy and attractive and help you to be more focused, which in turn will mean you are taken more seriously.

So, What’s Your Favorite Color?

My favorite color is GREEN!… Green is an emotionally positive color, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. The color green relates to balance and harmony. From a color psychology perspective, it is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart. Green also promotes love of family, friends, pets and the home. It is the color of the garden lover, the home lover and the good host. And this shows how I truly ‘Live In Color!’

 I stand humbled by the support I’ve received from my family, friends, clients, sponsors, partners and loyal fans. That support has truly been the basis of creating this rewarding magazine. Thank you to Mr. Joe Blasco, founder of Joe Blasco Cosmetics, for believing in me and my vision and assisting with the production of this magazine. I also thank my social media audience who participates with me and everyone that has given their valuable time, effort and creativity. Lastly, but not least I want to sincerely, say Thank You to Raphael Siemin the Editorial Photography Director, and Joey Bandoo, the Creative Graphics Director. The loyalty and patience you two have given me goes beyond words, and I will be forever grateful.

Always, Amy

Amy McNish, Editor-in-Chief